about us

4000 Gateway Campus Blvd.

Monroeville, PA 15146

meeting spaces

we offer several venues to host many different types of meetings. Room usage fees are waived for non-profits and individuals

mission statement

  • Light refreshments, excluding alcoholic beverages, may be served in the rooms, but room users are required to provide their own utensils and leave the room and facilities in a clean and orderly condition.


    No smoking is permitted on library premises.


    Open flames of any kind are prohibited, including Sterno canisters and other food warmers requiring a flame. The Library has two warming trays available for public use, which must be reserved in advance.


    AV equipment is available and can be provided at discretion of the Library Director.


    Meetings must be scheduled during hours the library is open.


    The sale of products at a library-sponsored program is not allowed with one exception: because the library wants to encourage reading, writing, and the appreciation of culture and because distribution channels for these materials are often lacking, writers, performers, and artists may sell their own works at the library.


    Youth organizations using the Program Room must have at least one adult (21 or over) present at all times.


    The library is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.


    No group or organization using the Program Room may discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or handicapped status in the provision of services.


    Exceptions to these policies are possible only by written application to the Monroeville Public Library Board of Directors.


    It is understood that all meetings held will be open to the public should anyone wish to attend.  Those that are not open to the public will be changed $25 per hour rental fee.


    Reservations for rooms cannot be made more than one year in advance.

4000 Gateway Campus Blvd.

Monroeville, PA 15146