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Author Title Location Call #
Abel, James, author. White plague / James Abel. New Books ABEL James
Adler-Olsen, Jussi. The alphabet house : a novel / Jussi Adler-Olsen ; translated by Steve Schein. New Books ADLER-OLSEN Jussi
Alcott, Kate, author. A touch of stardust / Kate Alcott. New Books ALCOTT Kate
Amen, Daniel G., author. Healing ADD from the inside out : the breakthrough program that allows you to see and heal the seven types of attention deficit disorder / Daniel G. Amen, M.D. New Books 616.8589 AMEN
Anand, Anita, author. Sophia : princess, suffragette, revolutionary / Anita Anand. New Books 954.035092 ANAND
Anderson, Sherwood, 1876-1941. Winesburg, Ohio / Sherwood Anderson ; introduction by Malcolm Cowley. New Books ANDERSON, Sherwood
Angier, Bradford. Feasting free on wild edibles / Bradford Angier. New Books 635.3 ANGIER
Antinori, Piero. The hills of Chianti : the story of a Tuscan winemaking family, in seven bottles / Piero Antinori ; translated by Natalie Danford. New Books 641.220945 ANTINORI
Archer, Jeffrey, 1940- author. Mightier than the sword / Jeffrey Archer. New Books ARCHER Jeffrey
Asbridge, Thomas S., author. The greatest knight : the remarkable life of William Marshal, the power behind five English thrones / Thomas Asbridge. New Books 942.03 ASBRIDGE
Baker, Jo, author. Offcomer / Jo Baker. New Books BAKER Jo
Beaton, M. C., author. Death of a liar / M.C. Beaton. New Books BEATON M C
Berenson, Alex, author. Twelve days / Alex Berenson. New Books BERENSON Alex
Bergman, Megan Mayhew, author. Almost famous women : stories / Megan Mayhew Bergman. New Books BERGMAN Megan
Bernstein, Richard, 1944- author. China 1945 : Mao's revolution and America's fateful choice / Richard Bernstein. New Books 327.7305 BERNSTEIN
Bishop, Claudia, 1947- A plateful of murder / Claudia Bishop. New Books BISHOP Claudia
Blackwood, Scott, author. See how small : a novel / Scott Blackwood. New Books BLACKWOOD Scott
Boyer, Susan M. Lowcountry Bombshell : a Liz Talbot mystery/ Susan M. Boyer. New Books BOYER Susan
Boyne, John, 1971- author. A history of loneliness / John Boyne. New Books BOYNE John
Brabner, Joyce, author. Second Avenue caper : when goodfellas, divas, and dealers plotted against the plague / Joyce Brabner ; illustrated by Mark Zingarelli. New Books 741.5973 BRABNER
Bradberry, Travis. Emotional intelligence 2.0 / Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves ; foreword by Patrick Lencioni. New Books 152.4 BRADBERRY
Brandt, Harry, 1949- author. The Whites : a novel / Richard Price writing as Harry Brandt. New Books BRANDT Harry
Browder, Bill, 1964- author. Red notice : a true story of high finance, murder, and one man's fight for justice / Bill Browder. New Books 332.6092 BROWDER
Burke, Alafair. Never tell : a novel of suspense / Alafair Burke. New Books BURKE Alafair
Busch, David D., author. Digital SLR cameras & photography for dummies / by David D.Busch. New Books 770 BUSCH
Carangelo, Lori, author. The adoption & donor conception factbook : the most comprehensive source of U.S. & global data on the invisible families of adoption, foster care & donor conception / Lori Carangelo. New Books 618.178 CARANGELO
Carr, Allen, 1934-2006. Allen Carr's easy way to stop smoking. New Books 616.86506 CARR
Carr, Robyn, author. One wish / Robyn Carr. New Books CARR Robyn
Chandler, Raymond, 1888-1959, author. The world of Raymond Chandler : in his own words / edited by Barry Day. New Books 813.52 CHANDLER
Chapman, Vannetta, author. Murder tightly knit / Vannetta Chapman. New Books CHAPMAN Vannetta
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976. After the funeral : a Hercule Poirot mystery / Agatha Christie. New Books CHRISTIE Agatha
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976. The body in the library : a Miss Marple mystery / Agatha Christie. New Books CHRISTIE Agatha
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976. A Caribbean mystery : a Miss Marple mystery / Agatha Christie. New Books CHRISTIE Agatha
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976. A pocket full of rye : a Miss Marple mystery / Agatha Christie. New Books CHRISTIE Agatha
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976, author. Sleeping murder / Agatha Christie. New Books CHRISTIE Agatha
Christie, Michael, 1976- author. If I fall, if I die : a novel / Michael Christie. New Books CHRISTIE Michael
Cicale, Annie, 1950- The art & craft of hand lettering : techniques, projects, inspiration / Annie Cicale. New Books 745.61 CICALE
Clayton, Alice, author. Wallbanger / Alice Clayton. New Books CLAYTON Alice
Connolly, John, 1968- author. Empire / John Connolly & Jennifer Ridyard. New Books CONNOLLY John
Cooper, Thomas, author. The marauders : a novel / Tom Cooper. New Books COOPER Thomas
Cusk, Rachel, 1967- author. Outline / Rachel Cusk. New Books CUSK Rachel
Darden, Bob, 1954- author. Nothing but love in God's water / Robert Darden. New Books 780.8996073 DARDEN
Darnton, Nina. The perfect mother : a novel / Nina Darnton. New Books DARNOTN Nina
Dashofy, Annette, author. Lost legacy : a Zoe Chambers mystery / Annette Dashofy. New Books DASHOFY Annette
Daugherty, Sharleen. author Double doll : turning myself upside down / Sharleen Daugherty. New Books 338.092 DAUGHERTY
Davidson, Joan, 1960- author. Daring to challenge OCD : overcome your fear of treatment & take control of your life using exposure & response prevention / Joan Davidson, PhD. New Books 616.85227 DAVIDSON
Deary, Vincent. How we are / Vincent Deary. New Books 150 DEARY
Doherty, P. C., author. Candle flame / Paul Doherty. New Books DOHERTY Paul
Duchovny, David, author. Holy cow / David Duchovny ; illustrations by Natalya Balnova. New Books DUCHOVNY David
Duffy, Patrick M., Jr., author. Parenting your delinquent, defiant, or out-of-control teen : how to help your teen stay in school and out of trouble using an innovative multisystemic approach / Patrick M. Duffy, Jr., PsyD. New Books 305.235 DUFFY
Eichengreen, Barry J. Hall of mirrors : the Great Depression, the great recession, and the uses-and misuses-of history / Barry Eichengreen. New Books 330.9 EICHENGREEN
Elliott, Susan J. author. Getting back out there : secrets to successful dating and finding real love after the big breakup / Susan J. Elliott. New Books 306.73 ELLIOTT
Ellison, Jan, author. A small indiscretion : a novel / Jan Ellison. New Books ELLISON Jan
Enright, Robert D. The forgiving life : a pathway to overcoming resentment and creating a legacy of love / Robert D. Enright. New Books 155.92 ENRIGHT
Feinman, Jay M., author. Law 101 / Jay M. Feinman. New Books 349.73 FEINMAN
Ferris, Monica, author. Darned if you do / Monica Ferris. New Books FERRIS Monica
Fox, Matthew, 1940- author. Letters to Pope Francis : rebuilding a church with justice and compassion / Matthew Fox. New Books 282.09 FOX
Frankel, Rebecca, author. War dogs : tales of canine heroism, history, and love / Rebecca Frankel ; foreword by Thomas E. Ricks. New Books 355.424 FRANKEL
Freud, Esther, author. Mr. Mac and me / Esther Freud. New Books FREUD Esther
Fukuyama, Francis, author. Political order and political decay : from the industrial revolution to the globalization of democracy / Francis Fukuyama. New Books 320.1 FUKUYAMA
Gaiman, Neil, author. Trigger warning : short fictions and disturbances / Neil Gaiman. New Books GAIMAN Neil
Galgut, Damon, 1963- author. Arctic summer / Damon Galgut. New Books GALGUT Damon
Gardam, Jane, author. The hollow land / Jane Dardam. New Books GARDAM Jane
George, Nelson, author. The lost treasures of R&B : a D Hunter mystery / by Nelson George. New Books GEORGE Nelson
Gerritsen, Reinier, 1950- photographer. The last book / Reinier Gerritsen. New Books 028.9 GERRITSEN
Gibbs, Jake J. The Mindful way to study : Dancing with your books / Jake J. Gibbs, Roddy O. Gibbs. New Books 158.1 GIBBS
Goldberg, Marshall, author. The new colossus : a novel / Marshall Goldberg. New Books GOLDBERG Marshall
Gray, Shelley Shepard, author. Joyful / Shelley Shepard Gray. New Books SHEPARD GRAY Shelley
Grippando, James, 1958- author. Cane and Abe / James Grippando. New Books GRIPPANDO James
Gur, Janna, author. Jewish soul food : from Minsk to Marrakech, more than 100 unforgettable dishes updated for today's kitchen / Janna Gur ; with Nirit Yadin and Ruth Oliver. New Books 641.5676 GUR
Hall, Parnell, author. Puzzled indemnity : a Puzzle Lady mystery / Parnell Hall. New Books HALL Parnell
Hanley, Tim, author. Wonder Woman unbound : the curious history of the world's most famous heroine / Tim Hanley. New Books 741.5973 HANLEY
Harris, Carla A., author. Strategize to win : the new way to start out, step up, or start over in your career / Carla A. Harris. New Books 650.1 HARRIS
Harrison, Cora, author. Verdict of the court / Cora Harrison. New Books HARRISON Cora
Harrison, Jim, 1937- author. The big seven : a faux mystery / Jim Harrison. New Books HARRISON Jim
Harrison, Robert Pogue, author. Juvenescence : a cultural history of our age / Robert Pogue Harrison. New Books 305.2 HARRISON
Hasson, Julie, author. Vegan casseroles : pasta bakes, gratins, pot pies, and more / Julie Hasson. New Books 641.5636 HASSON
Hawkins, Paula, author. The girl on the train / Paula Hawkins. New Books HAWKINS Paula
Hepworth, Sally, author. The secrets of midwives / Sally Hepworth. New Books HEPWORTH Sally
Hermann, Nellie, 1978- author. The season of migration / Nellie Hermann. New Books HERMANN Nellie
Highsmith, Patricia, 1921-1995, author. The two faces of January / Patricia Highsmith. New Books HIGHSMITH Patricia
Hoŕng, C. L., 1956- author. Once upon a mulberry field : a novel / C. L. Hoŕng. New Books HOANG CL
Hong, Y. Euny, author. The birth of Korean cool : how one nation is conquering the world through pop culture / Euny Hong. New Books 306.0951 HONG
Horton, Scott, author. Lords of secrecy : the national security elite and America's stealth warfare / Scott Horton. New Books 327.1273 HORTON
Howard, Tim, 1979- The keeper : a life of saving goals and achieving them / Tim Howard with Ali Benjamin. New Books 796.334 HOWARD
Hunt, Angela Elwell, 1957- author. Esther : royal beauty / Angela Hunt. New Books HUNT Angela
Jardine, Quintin. The loner : the life of Xavier Aislado / as told to Quintin Jardine. New Books JARDINE Quentin
Jay, Debra, 1954- author. It takes a family : a cooperative approach to lasting sobriety / Debra Jay ; foreword by Robert L. DuPont, MD. New Books 362.29 JAY
Johnson, Michelle T. Working while black : the black person's guide to success in the white workplace / Michelle T. Johnson ; foreword by Julianne Malveaux. New Books 650.1089 JOHNSON
Johnson, T. Geronimo (Tyrone Geronimo), author. Welcome to Braggsville / T. Geronimo Johnson. New Books JOHNSON T. Geronimo
Johnston, Tim, 1962- author. Descent : a novel / Tim Johnston. New Books JOHNSTON Tim
Jones, Darynda, author. Seventh grave and no body / Darynda Jones. New Books JONES Darynda
Joseph, Raymond A., author. For whom the dogs spy : Haiti: from the Duvalier dictatorships to the earthquake, four Presidents, and beyond / Raymond A. Joseph. New Books 972.94 JOSEPH
Judt, Tony. When the facts change : essays and provocations, 1993-2010. New Books 320.1 JUDT
Kamenetz, Anya, 1980- author. The Test : why our schools are obsessed with standardized testing-- but you don't have to be / Anya Kamenetz. New Books 371.26 KAMENETZ
Kaplan, Eric (Television producer), author. Does Santa exist? : a philosophical investigation / Eric Kaplan. New Books 111 KAPLAN
Keegan, Susanne. History of slavery : [an illustrated history of the monstrous evil]/ Susanne Everett. New Books 306.362 KEEGAN
Kellerman, Jonathan, author. Motive / Jonathan Kellerman. New Books KELLERMAN Jonathan
Keneally, Thomas, author. Shame and the captives : a novel / Thomas Keneally. New Books KENEALLY Thomas
Keys, Sheila McCauley, author. Our Auntie Rosa : the family of Rosa Parks remembers her life and lessons / Sheila McCauley Keys with Eddie B. Allen, Jr. New Books 323.092 KEYS
King, Laurie R., author. Dreaming spies : a novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes / Laurie R. King. New Books KING Laurie
Kirshenbaum, Mira. I love you, but I don't trust you: the complete guide to restoring trust in your relationship / Mira Kirshenbaum. New Books 155.6453 KIRSHENBAUM
Kolakowski, Shannon, author. Single, shy, and looking for love : a dating guide for the shy & socially anxious / Shannon Kolakowski. PsyD. New Books 306.73 KOLAKOWSKI
Krug, Steve, author. Don't make me think, revisited : a common sense approach to Web usability / Steve Krug. New Books 005.72 KRUG
Lark, Susan M., 1945- Enzymes : the missing link to health / Susan M. Lark. New Books 612.398 LARK
Larsen, Reif, author. I am Radar / Reif Larsen. New Books LARSEN Reif
Laura, Crystal T., author. Being bad : my baby brother and the school-to-prison pipeline / Crystal T. Laura ; foreword by William Ayers ; afterword by Erica R. Meiners. New Books 371.829 LAURA
Lish, Atticusm, author. Preparation for the next life / Atticus Lish. New Books LISH Atticus
Little, Brian R., author. Me, myself, and us : the science of personality and the art of well-being / Brian R Little. New Books 155.2 LITTLE
Lorette, Kristie, 1975- Your second wedding : how to handle issues, make plans, and ensure it's a great success / by Kristie Lorette. New Books 395.22 LORETTE
Lucado, Max, author. Miracle at the Higher Grounds Café / Max Lucado with Eric Newman and Candace Lee. New Books LUCADO Max
MacNeal, Susan Elia. His Majesty's Hope : a Maggie Hope mystery / Susan Elia MacNeal. New Books MACNEAL Susan
Macrakis, Kristie, author. Prisoners, lovers, & spies : the story of invisible ink from Herodotus to al-Qaeda / Kristie Macrakis. New Books 652 MACRAKIS
The make-ahead cook : 8 smart strategies for dinner tonight / by the editors at America's Test Kitchen. New Books 641.555 MAKE
Mallery, Susan, author. The girls of Mischief Bay / Susan Mallery New Books MALLERY Susan
Manning, Molly Guptill, 1980- author. When books went to war : the stories that helped us win World War II / Molly Guptill Manning. New Books 028.9 MANNING
Mapson, Jo-Ann, author. Owen's daughter : a novel / Jo-Ann Mapson. New Books MAPSON Jo-Ann
Martinez, Domingo, author. My heart is a drunken compass : a memoir / Domingo Martinez. New Books 070.92 MARTINEZ
Martinez, Monica. Deeper learning : how eight innovative public schools are transforming education in the twenty-first century / Monica R. Martinez and Dennis McGrath. New Books 371.207 MARTINEZ
Mason, Jamie, author. Monday's lie / Jamie Mason. New Books MASON Jamie
Matlen, Terry, 1953- author. The queen of distraction : how women with ADHD can conquer chaos, find focus, and get more done / Terry Matlen, MSW. New Books 616.8589 MATLEN
McBeth, Colette, author. The life I left behind / Colette McBeth. New Books MCBETH Colette
McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- Bertie's guide to life and mothers : a 44 Scotland Street novel / Alexander McCall Smith ; illustrations by Iain McIntosh. New Books MCCALL SMITH Alexander
McCarry, Charles. The Shanghai factor : a novel / Charles McCarry. New Books MCCARRY Charles
McCrery, Nigel, 1953- author. Silent witnesses : the often gruesome but always fascinating history of forensic science / Nigel McCrery. New Books 363.25 MCCRERY
McGoran, Jonathan, author. Deadout / Jon McGoran. New Books MCGORAN Jon
McGraw, Phillip C., 1950- author. The 20/20 diet : turn your weight loss vision into reality : 20 key foods to help you succeed where other diets fail / Dr. Phil McGraw. New Books 613.2 MCGRAW
McGreger, April. Sweet potatoes / April McGreger. New Books 641.6522 MCGREGER
Meissner, Susan, 1961- author. Secrets of a charmed life / Susan Meissner. New Books MEISSNER Susan
Merriman, John M., author. Massacre : the life and death of the Paris Commune / John Merriman. New Books 944.0812 MERRIMAN
Metcalf, Ben, author. Against the country : a novel / Ben Metcalf. New Books METCALF Ben
Mileti, Meredith. Aftertaste : a novel in five courses / Meredith Mileti. New Books MILETI Meredith
Miley, Mary, author. The impersonator / Mary Miley. New Books MILEY Mary
Miller, Emma, author. Plain killing / Emma Miller. New Books MILLER EMMA
Miller, Linda Lael, author. The marriage charm / Linda Lael Miller. New Books MILLER Linda
Nafisi, Azar, author. The republic of imagination : America in three books / Azar Nafisi. New Books 813.009 NAFISI
Newman, Sandra, 1965- author. The country of Ice Cream Star / Sandra Newman. New Books NEWMAN Sandra
Oak, B. B. Thoreau on Wolf Hill / B.B. Oak. New Books OAK BB
O'Connell, Mark, 1954- Modern brides & modern grooms : a guide to planning straight, gay, and other nontraditional twenty-first-century weddings / Mark O'Connell ; foreword by Liza Monroy. New Books 392.5 O'CONNELL
Odell, Jonathan, 1951- author. Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League : a novel / by Jonathan Odell. New Books ODELL Jonathan
Oria, Shelly, 1978- author. New York 1, Tel Aviv 0 : stories / Shelly Oria. New Books ORIA Shelly
Palumbo, Dennis, 1951- Fever dream : a Daniel Rinaldi mystery / Dennis Palumbo. New Books PALUMBO Dennis
Palumbo, Dennis, 1951- author. Phantom limb / Dennis Palumbo. New Books PALUMBO Dennis
Paton Walsh, Jill, 1937- The Attenbury emeralds : the new Lord Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane mystery / Jill Paton Walsh. New Books PATTON WALSH Jill
Petrushevskai︠a︡, Li︠u︡dmila, author. There once lived a mother who loved her children, until they moved back in : three novellas about family / Ludmilla Petrushevskaya ; translated with an introduction by Anna Summers. New Books PETRUSHEVSKAYA Ludmilla
Pierce, Thomas, 1982- author. Hall of small mammals : stories / Thomas Pierce. New Books PIERCE Thomas
Pinto, Kristina. Fit and healthy pregnancy : how to stay strong and in shape for you and your baby / Kristina Pinto with Rachel Kramer, MD. New Books 618.2 PINTO
Pomroy, Haylie, author. The burn : why your scale is stuck and what to eat about it / Haylie Pomroy with Eve Adamson ; foreword by Jacqueline Fields, M.D. New Books 613.25 POMROY
Praag, Menna van, author. The dress shop of dreams : a novel / Menna van Praag. New Books VANPRAAG Menna
Pyper, Andrew, author. The damned / Andrew Pyper. New Books PYPER Andrew
Racculia, Kate, author. Bellweather rhapsody / Kate Racculia. New Books RACCULIA Kate
Raffan, Richard. Taunton's complete illustrated guide to turning / Richard Raffan. New Books 684.08 RAFFAN
Rambourg, Erwan, author. The bling dynasty : why the reign of Chinese luxury shoppers has only just begun / Erwan Rambourg. New Books 339.470951 RAMBOURG
Ramos, Winter, author. Game over : my love for hip hop / Winter Ramos, love & hip hop reaity star. New Books 791.45028092 RAMOS
Randall, Alice, author. Soul food love : healthy recipes inspired by one hundred years of cooking in a Black family / Alice Randall & Caroline Randall Williams ; photographs by Penny De Los Santos. New Books 641.5929 RANDALL
Renner, Rona, author. Is that me yelling? : a parent's guide to getting your kids to cooperate without losing your cool / Rona Renner ; foreword by Christine Carter. New Books 649.1 RENNER
Reza, Yasmina, author. Happy are the happy / Yasmina Reza ; translated from the French by John Cullen. New Books REZA Yasmine
Robb, J. D., 1950- author. Obsession in death / J. D. Robb. New Books ROBB J D
Robson, Jennifer, 1970- author. After the war is over : a novel / Jennifer Robson. New Books ROBSON Jennifer
Rodriguez, Vanessa, 1976- The teaching brain : an evolutionary trait at the heart of education / Vanessa Rodriguez with Michelle Fitzpatrick. New Books 370.1523 RODRIQUEZ
Rollins, James, 1961- author. Blood infernal / James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell. New Books ROLLINS James
Rosenzweig, Gary, author. My iPad / Gary Rosenzweig. New Books 004.1675 ROSENZWEIG
Rubio, Marco, 1971- author. American dreams : restoring economic opportunity for everyone / Marco Rubio. New Books 330.973 RUBIO
Rudder, Christian, author. Dataclysm : who we are when we think no one's looking / Christian Rudder. New Books 155.28 RUDDER
Rudnicki, Kelly, 1974- The food allergy mama's easy, fast family meals : dairy, egg, and nut free recipes for every day / Kelly Rudnicki. New Books 641.56 RUDNICKI
Runcie, James, 1959- author. Sidney Chambers and the problem of evil / James Runcie. New Books RUNCIE James
Santiago, Nisa, author. Murdergram / Nisa Santiago. New Books SANTIAGO Nisa
Santiago, Nisa, author. South Beach cartel / Nisa Santiago. New Books SANTIAGO Nisa
Sayers, Dorothy L. (Dorothy Leigh), 1893-1957, author. Lord Peter : the complete Lord Peter Wimsey stories / Dorothy L. Sayers. New Books SAYERS Dorthoy L
Sears, Michael, 1950- author. Long way down / Michael Sears. New Books SEARS Michael
Sheridan, Gina, author. I work at a public library : a collection of crazy stories from the stacks / Gina Sheridan. New Books 027.02 SHERIDAN
Shermer, Michael, author. The moral arc : how science and reason lead humanity toward truth, justice, and freedom / Michael Shermer. New Books 170.9 SHERMER
Siegel, Daniel J., 1957- The whole-brain child : 12 revolutionary strategies to nurture your child's developing mind / Daniel J. Siegel, and Tina Payne Bryson. New Books 649.1019 SIEGEL
Skloot, Floyd, author. Revertigo : an off-kilter memoir / Floyd Skloot. New Books 818.54 SKLOOT
Sokol, Jason, author. All eyes are upon us : race and politics from Boston to Brooklyn / Jason Sokol. New Books 323.1196 SOKOL
Soli, Tatjana, author. The last good paradise / Tatjana Soli. New Books SOLI Tatjana
Somer, Mehmet Murat, 1959- The kiss murder / Mehmet Murat Somer. New Books SOMER Mehmet
Spindler, Erica, 1957- author. The first wife / Erica Spindler. New Books SPINDLER Erica
Stamm, Peter, 1963- author. All days are night / Peter Stamm ; translated from the German by Michael Hofmann. New Books STAMM Peter
Stevens, Mark, 1954- Trapline : an Allison Coil mystery / Mark Stevens. New Books STEVENS Mark
Swanson, Peter, 1968- author. The kind worth killing / Peter Swanson. New Books SWANSON Peter
Thompson, Edward H., Jr., 1945- author. A man's guide to healthy aging : stay smart, strong, and active / Edward H. Thompson, Jr. and Lenard W. Kaye. New Books 613.042 THOMPSON
Thorne, Kip S., author. The science of Interstellar / Kip Thorne. New Books 791.4372 THORNE
Treuer, David, author. Prudence / David Treuer. New Books TREUER David
Tyler, Anne, author. A spool of blue thread / Anne Tyler. New Books TYLER Anne
Tyson, Wendy, 1969- author. Killer image / Wendy Tyson. New Books TYSON Wendy
Unger, Lisa, 1970- author. Crazy love you / Lisa Unger. New Books UNGER Lisa
Van den Berg, Laura, author. Find me / Laura van den Berg. New Books VAN DEN BERG Laura
VanderMeer, Jeff, author. Acceptance / Jeff VanderMeer. New Books VANDERMEER Jeff
Walsh, M. O. (Milton O'Neal), author. My sunshine away / M.O. Walsh. New Books WALSH M O
Warren, Frank (Frank C.), 1964- author. The world of PostSecret / Frank Warren. New Books 741.683 WARREN
Weir, Alison, 1951- author. The marriage game : a novel of Queen Elizabeth I / Alison Weir. New Books WEIR Allison
Wendelboe, C. M., author. Death on the greasy grass / C.M. Wendelboe. New Books WENDELBOE CM
Woodring, Jim, author, illustrator. Fran / [written, illustrated and designed by Jim Woodring]. New Books 741.5973 WOODRING
Woyke, Elizabeth, author. The smartphone : anatomy of an industry / Elizabeth Woyke. New Books 338.761 WOYKE
Yu, Ovidia, 1961- author. Aunty Lee's deadly specials / Ovidia Yu. New Books YU Ovidia
Zander, Joakim, author. The swimmer / Joakin Zander ; translated by Elizabeth Clark Wessel. New Books ZANDER Joakim
Zelizer, Julian E., author. The fierce urgency of now : Lyndon Johnson, Congress, and the battle for the Great Society / Julian E. Zelizer. New Books 973.923 ZELIZER
Zombory-Moldován, Béla, 1885-1967, author. The burning of the world : a memoir of 1914 / by Béla Zombory-Moldován ; translated from the Hungarian and with an introduction and notes by Peter Zombory-Moldovan. New Books 940.4134 ZOMBORY-MOLDOVAN

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