We are fortunate to be supported by our local, county and state governments.  However, the state funding has been cut year after year – which means we rely on fundraising and private donations to continue to offer the resources our community needs.


Routine donations are used for general improvements at the library. Some donors choose to specify how their gifts will be used, such as for books, technology, the annual campaign or other materials. Regardless, every dollar donated is a huge help.


So whether you have created memories in our children’s section, recognize the value of an informed community, or simply want to see our programs and services continue to thrive, we hope you’ll consider making a tax-deductible contribution today.


If you are interested in discussing these or any other giving opportunities, please call  Nicole Henline at 412-372-0500 ext. 110

  • credit cards

  • cash or check

  • legacy gifts

    These “gifts of tomorrow,” such as including Monroeville Public Library in your will, bequest, life insurance policy, trust or IRA, ensure that the community of tomorrow has a chance to benefit from our programs and services, as you have today.

  • books

    The Library accepts donations of gently used books.  Please contact Bill at ext. 148 to coordinate a time and location for a larger donation.